About Shahari Va Gramin Vikas Bahuddeshiya Sanstha (SGVBS)

Shahari Va Gramin Vikas Bahuddeshiya Sanstha (SGVBS) promotes initiatives for SocialDevelopment priority issues to create value for society, while working from 2006 organizationorganized to channelize efforts towards rural and urban slum area development with emphasis onpromoting health care including preventive health care, safe drinking water and sanitation andcreate Revenue Generation opportunity for community. That forms the basis of all corporate andsocial welfare activities. In addition, we are also working to create resilient workplaces that canadapt to changing conditions. Our focus includes career support measures for women in rural andurban areas balancing work with responsibilities and flexible working hours and organized SkillDevelopment Training in Maharashtra state engage with Government of Maharashtra work in deepTribal areas to promote and support Education of children from backward areas participation inskill development trainings for Uneducated and UnemployedWith a view to enabling Employees and Volunteers to fully utilize their abilities and express theirindividuality. Our aim is to “become a global organization group contribution to the public welfarein India.That, by earning the highest trust of our beneficiaries, leads the growth of India and theMaharashtra region.” As we fulfill this role, we will work for the sustained development of societyas a whole and to raise our own corporate and social value.Shahari Va Gramin Vikas Bahuddeshiya Sanstha (SGVBS) has been conducting Skill DevelopmentRevenue Generation internal training funded by Government of Maharashtra such as group trainingin our overseas offices, online training and seminar by external consultants to help related officersunderstand the established social development procedures Since (SGVBS) was established, over9000 plus beneficiaries in rural and urban areas in Maharashtra including senior management, frontofficers, volunteers have attended the skill development training.Conducted Social Contribution Activities Dealing With Study of Financial Literacy Training forWomen, Younger and Unemployed People in Rural and Urban AreasDevelopment and operation of skill development management framework, disclosure of revenuegeneration informationProvide employment and empowerment related operational support to responsible departments byeach planning departmentStrengthen solutions and create business opportunities to respond to skill development managementand as openings for businessOrganization work from 2010 promotes initiatives for social development priority issues tocreate value for society engage with government of Maharashtra for organize various skill orientedprojects in rural and urban areasShahari Va Gramin Vikas Bahuddeshiya Sanstha (SGVBS)